5 thoughts on “homefreejobs.com reviews

  1. rajani tipirishetty

    Hi good evening i started copy phaste job on 29- 1-2018 now iam in 18th day work now is it enough for work or else any other process to get this free job please inform me

  2. moksha

    Plzz send me copy paste job

  3. venkat

    Is it. then how come for so many people they didn’t even activated the account. can u please contact me by mail so that we can work progreesively and rectifying our doubts.

    1. Varatharaj

      I m now join this job but cannot working.I don’t know procedure pls provide me further details

  4. Homefreejobs.com providing same credentials after paying 100 RS through Paytm. Our Account is never activated. Waste of money. No response will be there after we post 10 ads and sent the URL of mails to them. They are using our ads for cheating other people. Same Username is- 8796893 and password is- ******* received for all.
    for all those who pay money.

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