What is online earning, work or jobs

All positions are work yet all works are not work

It really relies on how you see it…

For instance:-

In a Task you really want to show your work to your chief or somebody who for whom you are working for… they give you a period cut off to finish a specific job inside a specific timeframe and furthermore you should be available for 6-8 hours per day 5 or 6 days a week(which is mandatory) and you can’t deny it. if you do u r terminated.

Presently ponder something practically comparative. Indeed stages like Fiver where individuals give you work to accomplish for cash and you want to do them inside a given time which you can deny prior to tolerating it however… on the off chance that you acknowledge the work u should do it or else your rating will go down or probably won’t get compensated by any means. Stage like YouTube/Instagram/Facebook r simply work and r not a task, you would what you like to do, at whatever point you need to do.

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