What is the best way to make money?

This is the issue I’m replying. This is an exceptionally old inquiry and there are 100+ clever responses as of now. The majority of responses come from a Western or American perspective.

I might want to give an Indian twist to this question and address it according to an Indian perspective. I additionally take “best” in the inquiry to mean guaranteed and the most significant yields on the capital utilized.

Get a few colossal plots of ripe homestead land at the edges of any Indian city or large town, which you can move at an expendable cost. Feel free to develop a few blocks of building consequently, and begin a Confidential Designing School for certain fundamental conveniences. You should rest assured to bring in cash which maybe ought to make even the incomparable Warren Smorgasbord practice environmental awareness with envy.

On the off chance that you put resources into land yet don’t wish to invest such a lot of amounts of energy to begin and run a Designing school, just set up covered cabin, very much outfitted and cooled, and call it an Ashram. Develop some facial hair, wear saffron robes and dabs around your neck and call your self some arbitrary Master ji. This way you can make even the extraordinary educationists of the past section come hurrying to you with collapsed hands.

On the off chance that you don’t have capital even to put resources into land, enlist a few lobby or suite in some up market lodging and begin either a training community for Indian common help wannabes ( by the manner in which you have a hostage pool of north of 1,000,000 such individuals on Quora itself)

In the event that every one of these still don’t engage you, essentially become a Powerful orator. You will have everything to gain by simply going for it, and the entire corporate world to acquire.

For the enlightenment of individuals who might think this is a joke reply, I gravely guarantee it isn’t. In the present Indian situation, this answer talks reality, every bit of relevant information and only truth.



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