I Sell Ebooks on More Than 9 Platforms

I generally accepted that main Amazon KDP could make me a full-time pay as an essayist. For quite a long time, I trusted this. Afterward, I took my digital books from the Fuel Limitless Program and independently published them on different stages.

Amazon KDP covers practically 70% of the readership. However, there are a couple of additional stages that are putting forth attempts to arrive at new geological areas.

Kobo is popular in Canada.

KDP covers 90% of the US participation.

Barnes and honourable for the US etc.

As a nation changes, so will their inclinations.

I used to like Amazon KDP and Kobo a ton. What’s more, presently I purchase digital books from Gumroad and print from Amazon. So I have various preferences with regards to purchasing books.

Where do I sell my digital books?

I recently composed an aide, yet the rundown was unfinished. Here I will compose a total rundown of the stages where I sell my digital books —

My top workers — Amazon KDP, Gumroad

Other little independently publishing stages — Kobo, Barnes and Respectable, Google Play, Smashwords, Apple iBooks

Membership Administrations — Kobo Additionally, Scribd

Library — Over Drive, Odilo, Bibliotheca, Bread cook and Taylor, Fuss (my greatest worker), BorrowBox, Royal residence Commercial canter

End —

The best thing about composing digital books is that you can sell them on commercial centers or through your site. Or on the other hand you can do both! Be that as it may, attempt to focus on any one while showcasing your digital books. Too many purchasing choices can confound your perusers.

If you were to ask me where to begin, then, at that point, I will energetically prescribe selling straightforwardly to your crowd. There are numerous choices accessible. I use Gumroad.

So trust that no marvel will occur. Try not to hang tight for any out-of-the-world thoughts. Begin with what you definitely know or are keen on. Continue to compose, and you’ll arrive!

Best of luck!



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