13 Legit Websites That Pay You $100 per Task in 2024

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make some extra cash from home? Well, you’re in luck because there are a lot of websites where you can get paid up to $100 per task just for doing simple tasks from home. In this way, assuming you’re searching for a method for making some additional pay on your own timetable, continue to peruse to find 13 genuine sites that can assist you with doing precisely that in 2024.

1. Appen

Appen is an extraordinary site that offers different man-made intelligence preparing gigs. They offer both ongoing part-time jobs and one-time gigs, with the latter requiring you to complete a task and paying you approximately $300. One such assignment is online entertainment video assessment, where you’ll watch virtual entertainment recordings and responding to inquiries concerning them. All you need is a passion for video content and a keen eye for detail.

2. Listverse

Listverse is a site that pays you $100 by means of PayPal to compose a rundown post for them. These posts normally comprise of top 10 records or records connected with intriguing and uncommon themes. This could be a fun and simple way to make some extra cash if you speak English as well as a native speaker and have a sense of humor.

3. FindFocusGroups.com

You can participate in focus groups on this website and earn money by answering questions about market research data. These center gatherings pay far superior to customary studies, with some paying as much as $180 for a solitary meeting. Additionally, the fact that many of these focus groups can be conducted remotely makes it even simpler to earn money from home.

4. FocusScope

FocusScope also offers well-paying focus groups that can be conducted from home, similar to FindFocusGroups.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates on upcoming opportunities because they post their most recent focus group listings there.

5. UserTesting

UserTesting is a stage that pays you to test sites and applications. All that is required of you is to visit a website or use an application and provide sincere feedback on your experience. The average pay for this kind of task is around $10 per test, though some tests can pay up to $100.

6. Clickworker

Clickworker is a microtasking site where you can bring in cash by getting done with little jobs, for example, information passage, web exploration, and information labeling. The compensation differs, however a few errands can settle up to $100 each hour.

7. Scribie

In the event that you have fantastic tuning in and composing abilities, Scribie is an extraordinary site to look at. They pay independent interpreters up to $25 each sound hour to decipher sound records. This indicates that you could potentially earn more than $100 for just a few hours of work if you have good time management skills.

8. Rev

Another transcription service that pays independent contractors to transcribe audio files is Rev. The compensation changes relying upon the length and trouble of the sound record, for certain undertakings paying around $150 each hour.

9. Fiverr

You can sell your services and get paid for them on the freelance marketplace Fiverr. You can set your own rates, however numerous specialists on Fiverr acquire many dollars for their administrations.

10. Upwork

Like Fiverr, Upwork is an independent stage where you can offer your administrations and get compensated for them. You can either set your own rates or bid on projects posted by clients. With Upwork, the possibility to acquire more than $100 per task is high.

11. Etsy

On the off chance that you’re sly or have an ability for making exceptional items, Etsy is an incredible stage to sell them on. You can set your own costs and make more than $100 per deal effectively, contingent upon the item.

12. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an errand based stage that interfaces individuals who need undertakings finished with individuals hoping to bring in cash. You can offer administrations, for example, cleaning, jack of all trades work, and task running and acquire more than $100 per task.

13. Airbnb

In the event that you’re willing to lease an extra room or your whole home, Airbnb can be an extraordinary method for making additional money. The amount you can earn with Airbnb varies by location, but it is not uncommon to earn more than $100 per night.

All in all There are many authentic sites that can assist you with procuring more than $100 per errand or more in 2024. From getting done with little responsibilities on microtasking sites to offering your administrations on independent stages, there are a lot of chances to make additional pay from the solace of your own home. So why not check at least one of these sites out and perceive the amount you can procure?



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